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Four New Fragrances | Available in 10 oz Glass Vessel | 2.5 oz Waxmelts

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  • The Lovelorn Collection

    Conjured from a dark and gothic atmosphere of fragrances that will stir emotions of unrequited love, lovesickness, and memoriam for the lost and departed.

  • The Forsaken Collection

    Highlighting the mis-happened souls that were cast out and forgotten for purposes whether righteous, ignoble, or cursed.

  • The Musing Moods Collection

    Showcasing some of the most beautiful phenomena on this planet into a well-crafted aromatic candle collection.

  • The Mythical Creature Collection

    Some of the most popular and legendary creatures of mythology through a variety of captivating candle fragrances.

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Limited Edition Lovelorn Collection Wax Melts

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Brilliant Candles with Powerful Aromatics

Hand Poured

Each candle is hand poured in small batches located in the mountains of Montana.

Premium Ingredients

Our candles are made from a soy blend wax with complex fragrances.

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