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The Halloween Collection - Series 2

The Halloween Collection - Series 2


They say it isn’t safe for mortals to be here after dark.  For vampires, witches, werewolves, and all other creatures of fright roam this Halloween night!  The moon is full, the veil is thin.  Better light the Jack-o-lanterns to guide our way.  See their flickering shadows…?  They are shadows…aren’t they?  Fear not, there is laughter in the air, as trick or treaters are everywhere shouting…Halloween is finally here!  

Absinthe Minded Wicks is proud to present the 2021 Halloween Collection - Series 2, Limited Edition Candles.  This beautifully dark and hauntingly fragrant candle collection will make a great display centerpiece for all Halloween enthusiasts and collectors.  Be warned, this set will only be available for a limited time!  Order now!  

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