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In Memoriam Wax Melts

$5.00 USD

Absinthe Minded Wax Melts are perfect when you want to enjoy an aromatic experience without the flame!  Our wax melts can be used with your favorite wax melt warmer to create a fragrant and inviting atmosphere in minutes.  Our wax melts can be used anywhere, even where regular candles may not be safe.



  • Open wax melt pack
  • Turn over pack and tap to release wax melts from package
  • Break off wax cubes as desired
  • Place in your wax warmer 
  • Turn on wax warmer 
  • Enjoy  


Fragrance Notes Honeyed figs, English ivy, Mahogany wood, Orchid, Macadamia, Vanilla, Amber, and Musk

Ingredients Parasoy wax with complex fragrances

Wax Color Magenta

Size 2.5oz